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Scentsy wickless scented candles.
A simple product, a simple system, a simply fantastic company!


Scents for everyone

Imagine coming home to the scent of oatmeal cookies wafting in the air, or lilacs in bloom, how about fresh baked pumpkin pie or that just cleaned scent.  With Authentic Scentsy Candle Warmers you'll enjoy your favorite scents on a daily basis and the warm feelings they inspire.



The large array of beautiful ceramic warmers will please the eye as well as the senses.  Since they warm the scented wax with the soft glow of a 25 watt light bulb you'll relish the ambiance they create as well as the piece of mind not enjoyed with flaming candles.

Read The Scentsy Story

Scentsy Story

The story of Scentsy is the story of how a simple idea-offer a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles through home parties-grew into one of the most successful companies the direct selling industry has ever seen.

Since establishing its direct selling model in July 2004, Scentsy has experienced phenomenal growth, averaging an annual increase of well over 300% in both revenue and the number of Consultants.

Company owners Orville and Heidi Thompson credit this success to the three-point business strategy that drives everything Scentsy does: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Value. To the Thompsons, Value means "contributing more than you take," and their commitment to build the company around that philosophy has produced remarkable results.>

Pots laying on their side.

Value, Safety, Health, Clean


Over a year-long period using Scentsy warmers and candle bars instead of traditional candles with wicks you can easily save over $140!  One Scentsy candle bar lasts an amazing 80 hours.  One Scentsy candle bar has the same amount of fragrance oil as a high quality 12 oz candle at a fraction of the cost!


No more worries about remembering to blow out the candle.  No more worries about hot wax. The exclusive Scentsy wax has a melting point of just above normal body temperature so the melted wax will not burn your skin.  No flame, no smoke, no soot, no lead, no worries!


Scentsy only warms the scent out of the lead-free wax, there is no flame releasing harmful chemicals into the air.


Scentsy candle warmers leave no soot on your walls from a burning flame.  No ugly jar left when the candle burns down.  Since the wax is melted at a low tempature the scent fills the room and the wax stays in the burner.

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